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Know The Details About Different Types of Home Loan

Home Loan is now the most important fact if you are now planning to buy a house for you. You can buy your dream house easily by taking a home loan. It will save you from the changing of the house in every two years

Know the details about different types of Home Loan

Land purchase home loan

It is the best home loan which helps you to do what you want. It is useful for purchasing the land alone and bank help you

Land purchase home loan

Home Construction Loan

A home construction loan is taken for constructing a house rather than purchasing a constructed property. It is a very flexible plan for your home

Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a Home

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Home improvement loan

Home improvement loan

To improve your home you can take this loan. By this loan, you can refurbish your home and make it looks good. It will help you to make your home new

About Our Service

Sindhu Real Estate is providing you great home loan service for you. It is just only for supporting you to get what you want. With our available home loan option, you can buy land for making home and construct a new home for you. You can also make improvement of your home by our loan service. You can get many terms and condition from us with total transparency and flexibility. We believe that when it comes to owning a home for you then never you have to do any compromise. In this way, we want to help you fully and nothing come your way.
The range of our home loan is 1 years to 30 years. So it is enough time for you to return all the money at the time.


Why Our Home Loan Facility is Preferable to You?

All Home Loans are Available Here

You can solve any type of home-related issues at a cost-effective price, so you can purchase a home or make the development of your home efficiently.

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Simple Way to Get Loan

The process of getting a home loan from us is very easy and simple. Now you can get your needed money at a very soon.

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A Perfect and Trustworthy Deal

In this home loan process, we will make a great deal with you which is very trusted and transparent from both the side.

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No Broker Charge

We do not take any broker charge for arranging this home loan for you. Just some processing fees are needed here.

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Enough Time Limit

The money returning time limit of our home loan service is enough for the customer. In this long time, they can easily return the principal amount.

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Best Terms and Condition

The terms and condition of our home service are according to the customer facility and flexibility. Our intension is to make our customer happy.

Rules for Loans

Eligibility Criteria

In our home loan service, you have to be eligible to take the home loan service. The first eligibility criteria to take home loan from us is your citizenship. You are eligible to get a home loan from us if you are a citizen of India or a person of Indian Origin. You have to get involved with any permanent profession. You have been in a profession like a businessman / salaried / self –employed. So the employment is necessary for taking a home loan. Now at the requirement of age, the preferable age for taking our home loan is above 21 Years. This age limit is mandatory for our process.

Amount of Loan

How much amount you will get a home loan it completely depends on your income or available assets to you.
Your loan eligibility will be determined by PNB HFL on the basis of your profession, age, qualification, number of dependent home member, co-applicants income, available assets, liabilities, stability, and continuity of occupation, saving and prior credit history. Further, the loan eligibility will also be dependent on the value of property selected by you. .

Co-Applicant Rule

In this rule, you can take an individual home loan from us or with any applicants.
In our individual home loan service, you can take a home loan on your own name and there no need for any co-applicants.
If you want to take a jointly home loan with other family members viz. father, mother, son and/or spouse, who have regular sources of income as co-applicants.
You can allow your siblings as your co-applicants, i.e. brother-sister, brother- brother, sister-sister can be permitted as an applicant’s /co-applicant’s subject. In this case, the property must be in the joint names of the siblings.
It is completely up to you that what type of home loan you want.

Time of Getting Loan

The most important question is how much time you will get your home loan? We are capable to give you a home loan in one month from your application date. So you will get this loan easily and there is no issue of delay.

Processing Fee

We do not take any charge for offering your home loan. But a processing fee is required for every process. In this case, also there is a processing fee. This fees will depend on how much amount of money you want to take a loan.


You have returned our money as per installment basis. There is a time limit for returning the loan and that is up to 30 years.
We are one of the trusted home loan providers who can give you a home loan in a simple and easy way. So don’t worry about anything make your dream house in a smooth way.

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