Need to Investing Money in a Vacant Land?

We provide you best Land to you

To make a peaceful residential building

Sindhu real estate is one of the leading real estate company in the Salt Lake which is capable enough to make your dream house into reality. The location of your residential area is the most important factor. We offer land to our clients in the best area of the Salt Lake, Newtown, and Rajarhat which are very convenient for you and have a lot of facilities.

Make commercial area for office space

We have a great service team which can make a revolution in the real estate industry. Salt Lake, Newtown and Rajarhat area is famous as a working place and business area. We can provide you lots of land in that area which has a fresh and green climate and make your employee energetic. This cozy office space increases the level of your business.

Stylish and professional industrial park

The industrial park is the preferable office space by many international companies. You can make an attractive and stylish industrial park with the help of great architect designer. By making a trendy industrial park you can get the attention of many businessmen. Out interior designer also capable to make a suitable design for your industrial park and make it more professional.

Importance of buying a land for Rent in Kolkata West Bengal

Buying a land in a great area is very important for any business or living purpose. But we all have a basic question that why we buy a land without any facility like electricity, sewer hookups, mailbox and so on. In this scenario, those land does not even have an address. It only has some coordinate measurement of longitude and latitude. So, the question is- why do people buy a vacant land?
Everyone buy land for building something on it like any commercial or residential building or any business park. You can do anything with your freedom. Sindhu real estate is the best real estate company in Salt Lake which is now offering you a wide area as a residential and commercial land in Kolkata. The studies of real estate service saying that the values of a land property will increase with the development of the country. You can make there building for residential or business purpose according to your exposure, size, and shape. Many people buying land for making a long-term investment purpose which gives the property owner excellent and stable profit.
Let’s look at the buy property in Kolkata and know the details about all the available place of us.

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Commercial Land in Durgapur Expressway

Durgapur expressway is at the national highway 2 where the value of a land is high and it is beneficial for the property owner. You can buy property land in Durgapur Expressway from the best real estate company in West Bengal for making a great commercial area for your business. We are providing you commercial land in Durgapur expressway at an affordable and cheap price in an efficient way. The environment and transportation system of this place make it a great commercial area. Another available features and amenities make this place best for office space.

Many warehouses are also available at this place so this commercial place are great for making a factory for your product related business.

  • It is good for office space for making revenue
  • Transportation is the best facility of this place
  • Commercial land is nearest from the main road.
  • Little far from the city.

Commercial land in West Bengal

Now West Bengal is the best place for buying property land here. There are many property lands are available here which are available in a low-price tag. To find a perfect land for your work you have to consult with a leading real estate company. Sindhu real estate is the best company who can provide all the details about the vacant land which are great for making a commercial building there. Those land are available at Kolkata and nearest from the city. In our website you can get the information about all the available land in west Bengal.

  • Those land are available at low price
  • Needed facilities are available for the commercial area
  • You can get buyers for your land easily
  • You need to take care of your property land

Most stunning features of our land

Our service team is expert to give you outstanding place for making your life best

Perfect location

The location of our land property is at the most attractive and wanted a place at Kolkata like a salt lake, Newtown, and Rajarhat.

Healthy environment

The atmosphere of that area is enjoyable and refreshing so you can get yourself with tons of energy.

Appropriate layout

The layout of your property is good for the privacy and relaxation purpose. Here you get best privacy option for your life.

Required facilities

Facilities like transportation, shopping mall are available at those place. So you can easily get connected with the world.

Pocket-friendly budget

You will get the best property land at the nominal price. So the lands with high property values will help you as an asset.

Improvement of status

These lands are important to make your status high and more convenient with all the amenities of life.

Nearest from the city

We offer you roadside land and near from the city like Newtown where the various international company makes a setup of their business.

Great maintenance

A well-maintained land property will give your dream house or commercial place at a small time without any extra cost.

Commercial land in Kolkata

Kolkata is the best place in west Bengal for buying a commercial land. There are many lands in Kolkata which are great for making business. You also get a high price by renting those places. The main commercial area of Kolkata is Salt Lake, Newtown, Rajarhat and many more. We cover all those areas for finding great commercial space for you. Our service team will help you to invest your money at the right place.

  • Amazing transportation all over the world
  • The prime industrial area is at West Bengal
  • We offer clean and hygienic land to our clients
  • You need to take care of your property

Commercial land in Bombay road

Bombay Road is a well-known industrial belt where maximum businessmen do their business and find office space for their company. Thus, if you are planning to buy a land in Bombay Road then you can contact our consultant or go through our website. There is various commercial land in Bombay Road where bus, train, and taxi services are always accessible. These lands are surrounded by small-scale industries and they have a wide gate that is convenient enough for passage of wide vehicles. You can make commercial building according to your requirement.

  • Connected with maximum city of India by train, bus or taxi
  • Available industry belt increases the value of your property
  • All necessary features are available
  • You can easily get many customers for your commercial area.
  • Take care all your goods in a secured manner

Commercial land in Dhulagarh

Dhulagarh is slowly developing place and nearest from the Howrah station. Many factories are available in this area. So in this place, we can get all the facilities for building a commercial building. Buy a perfect land in Dhulagarh at a reasonable price and make a commercial building in this area. The property values of this area are increasing day by day so in future, you can get the large profit from this land.

  • All the facility like environment and transportation is available
  • The price of this area is reasonable
  • Nearest from the Howrah station
  • Not very developed area
  • Great commercial place at an affordable price
  • It is feasible to get a buyer for office space in your commercial building
  • Important facilities are available
  • Litter far from the Kolkata

Commercial land in Diamond Harbor Road

We have many options for commercial land at Diamond Harbour Road. Those commercial land are good for making office or business place for you. You can also make warehouse there for storing your goods. This place is best for opening a retailer shop for your clients. Diamond Harbour is well-connected with the Sealdah railway station and Haldia city. In Haldia many international companies are available so this place is great for making a branch office of those company. You can get land on this place at an affordable price.

Residential land in Salt Lake

Buy a residential land property in the Salt Lake from a different kind of land. Each residential land in the Salt Lake is in a good position where every required facility is available for a happy living. The property values of those land in Salt Lake are very high so it can give you the profit in long-term investment purpose. Those land are spacious and available at affordable price. If you are looking for a dream house for you then it is an ideal property for you. You can also build a residential building for making a business of apartment renting.
There are many available options are posted on our website as a residential plot is a salt lake. From this list, you can select the preferable option for you.

  • Improve the quality of life
  • Great environment for peaceful family life
  • All the facility like transportation option and market are available here
  • Make a residential building for great earning purpose.
  • Bits of traffic issue available here

Residential land in Newtown

Now make your dream true by making a house in nature friendly environment of land in Newtown. We are the best real estate company in West Bengal is providing you the best residential place at Newtown. The Newtown is a well-decorated city which is with all the close proximity and features. Many shopping malls are available here for the shopping purpose. Airport, rail station and connectivity of bus are great for connecting with all over the world.

  • A large list of features is available here
  • The environment of this city is the best factor to get buyers for this residential building
  • Clean and hygienic area make it best for happily living
  • Little far from the city

Residential land in Rajarhat

In Kolkata, Rajarhat is developing the area with different industrial company and housing complex. The residential area of this place is great for the environment. You can choose a residential land at Rajarhat area at a reasonable price and built great residential building or housing complex. You can also make a house in those places. This place now has a wide range of connectivity with all over the city. Chinar park is the best place in Rajarhat area for homemaking. The lands of this place are well-maintained and clean and have a great boundary option. So no one can make your property dirty.

  • In close proximity to the city
  • You can easily get buyers for this place
  • The land is clean and well-maintained
  • This area is quite far from the main city


If you want to buy a vacant land in Kolkata or its adjacent area then contact us. We have a large option for you at an affordable price, from there you can select the preferable one for you. There are many commercial and residential plots for sale at Kolkata which are very profitable for the clients. In our website, you can get all the details about the available land and visit the address of those land to see those places. If you have any land related requirement you can contact us.