Our Law Service

Our Law Service

Our company maintains all the important and legal rules of real estate investment business which are very important and beneficial for the company reputation and clients’ profit. For every industry evolution and extensive experience are really very important. We mainly consult on the property and provide you the best benefits from us. For this property consultant purpose, we hire an experienced and professional consultant for our clients they have perfect knowledge about the real estate investment law.

Our legal laws, real estate basic terms, and conditions of any agreement are beneficial for both the parties. For any deal, you have to show all the property related document. Our documentation process for post property for rent and selling is very trustworthy and simple for you. Our experienced consultant will maintain all the legal formalities for making your property secure. All details description and caption related to the deal will be maintained descriptively in our papers. There also you will get the date, description of parties, rectal, testate and all things. You will get all the receipt for your payment. Where property in question is subject to any expansion, it should be incorporated after the parcels and likewise, reservations of certain rights should also be clearly stated.

Important Rules


Oral evidence cannot be received to contradict, vary, add or to subtract from the terms of a deed.


It is not necessary to cite any case to prove the proposition that parole evidence of parole communication between the parties.


Extrinsic may be given which would invalidate a document or which would entitle to any person to order relating thereto such as fraud, intimidation, want to the failure of consideration or mistake in fact or law.


The existence of any separate oral evidence inconsistent with the terms of the deed is silent on that matter.


The evidence is admissible of every material fact that will enable the court to identify the person or thing mentioned in the instrument and to place the court whose province it is to interpret the deed.


A deed is always should be interpreted so as to take effect, if possible according to the intention of the maker of makers.


A deed is always should be interpreted so as to take effect, if possible according to the intention of the maker of makers.


When the intention of maker or makers of a deed cannot be given effect to its full extent effect is to be given to it as far as possible.

Documents Gallery

Necessary Document for The Agreement

For any important and serious agreement, all needed document related to the issue is very useful for us. Let’s know about the needed document of making a deal. All necessary document must be registered by the Indian Registration Act 1877 or registration Act 1908. List of those document are:

1. The instrument of gift of immovable property.
2. Other non-testamentary instruments which purport or operate to create, declare, assign, limit or extinguish, whether in present or future, any right, title or interest, whether invested or contingent of the value of one hundred rupees and upwards to or in immovable property.
3. Non-testamentary instruments which acknowledge the receipt or payment of any consideration on account of the creation, declaration, assignment, limitation or extinction of any such right, title or interest.
4. Lease of immovable property from year to year, or for any terms exceeding one year, or for any terms exceeding one year, or reserving a yearly rent.
5. Non-testamentary instrument transferring or assigning any order of a court or any award when such decree or order or award purports or operates to create, declare, assign, limit or extinguish whether vested or contingent of the value of one hundred rupees and upwards to or in immovable property.

Some More about The Law

Conveying is an art of drafting deeds and other legal documents. Therefore a draftsman must properly understand essential elements of drafting. This draftsman is called upon to express substantive ideas gathered from his clients and to put it in legal form.


There must be clarity of thought and expression. The language of the draft must clearly reflect the real intention of the parties. The draft should be clear and unambiguous and must be such as to be understood even by illiterate not well versed in legal sophistry.


The design of the draft must be in conformity with the requirements of the law exhibiting the intention of the parties. Therefore, the draftsman should first hear the parties and thereafter must evolve a clear design of the theme and then proceed to complete the draft using suitable words in logical form leaving behind irreverent and unnecessary matters.


The draft should be completed precisely to the point. It should be intelligible even to a layman. A word like to be misunderstood have to be avoided and while preparing a draft, the rules and interpretation of documents and relevant case-law on the meaning of the word and phrases should be kept mind.

Our Service

They can provide you full guidance and service throughout the process. In this situation, you don’t have to worry about buying or selling of land or property. We are here to help you in every step. The trained service persons are work in a simple and efficient way which is great for your business and you don’t have to face any bad situation. We resolve all the legal and serious issues through the right path and provide you your property as per your requirements. Contact us - sale, buy, rent residential & commercial properties Kolkata.

Perfect Documentation

We take all the responsibility to make great documentation by collecting all the papers.To make a successful documentation process we provide you our best service by knowledge and experience. We don’t let you forget for carrying important document at the time of this process.

Best Property

Our service team will provide you best property according to your budget and requirement where you will get all the necessary and luxurious thing for your family life or business purpose.

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We are always to ready to solve the problem of our client and maintain the great relationship with us. So anytime if you face any problem we are here to make you tension free by resolving the issue.

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Our service process is very simple and elegant where you can show you the need of every step and think the best option for you. So you can trust us.