Residential flats avaliable in a peacefull area

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Flats of 1 BHK

Generally, 1 BHK flats are very small as a living place but it is also very important and wanted for many people.

  1. 1 BHK flats are great for the living purpose of bachelor life. It is good for the single person without any family who wants to stay in Kolkata for study or job purpose.

  2. Here you will get a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. We can provide you full privacy at our flats and also in a good location.

  3. You can get 1 BHK flat on a low budget the central place of Kolkata like a Salt Lake, Newtown and Rajarhat area.

In our website, you will get the various option of I BHK flat select any of them according to your requirements. We can take flats from us renting or buying purpose.

We have 1500+ 1 BHK Flats