Defined Terms:

The “Agreement” should have the complete form of application, the attachments, and the conditions, associated with it. It should be considered to be executed at New Delhi. The usage terms make a legal bond between you and Sindhu Real Estate, for the use of the website, along with the services offered by the company, including the delivery of content through the website, any mobile connected device. By clicking on “I agree”, you are bound to agree with all the terms and conditions. You should be at least 18 years of age, or above it, to use the services, or to keep yourself within the terms and conditions. If any person below the age of 18 want to use the services offered by the Sindhu Real Estate, it should be done under the supervision of guardians or the legal guardians, through their account. You should agree with the terms, before you upload any comment, or make any kind of comment, on the website, and that should be done by giving your identity details, including name, age, address, contact number and email address.

Here, “user” or “you” mean any person, who is accessing or availing the company services, for publishing, sharing, hosting, displaying, transacting, uploading information and viewing the same on the website of the company.

Company is defined as Sindhu Real Estate, which is a company, under the Companies Act, 1956, and is having the corporate office at Kolkata, and the website is registered as

Commencement of Service

Date of commencement is the date on which, the application is accepted from the user, for offering any kind of service. The date will be mentioned by the company, in the notice, which will be given to the user, either through electronic or conventional mail.

Date of terminations is the date of expiry of any service, as given in any kind of notice, or in the letter of termination.

Registration data is the database, which is composed of all the particulars and the information, which are provided by the user, after the first initial application or subscription, excluding information like user name, telephone number, email address, account information, and mailing address.

The words, which refer to masculine, also include the feminine, and the singulars also include the plurals, and vice versa, as per the context; and the words, which refer to individuals, also refer to corporate and commercial bodies.

1. Service will be given to the users, ho secure their property through, and also the other internet links.
2. Service will be given to the users, who are willing to print advertisements to any of the publications of Sindhu Real Estate, through
3. Service will also be given to users, who want to place advertisements at
4. Services will also be given to users, who want to get advertisements and messages of promotions, from, through emails.

The services will be considered to start, on the date of commencement of services.

The applicable rate or any kind of subscription fees for the services, will be mentioned in the “My Subscriptions” section, which might also be updated by the company, from time to time.

The subscription fees will be collected, considering the start of services, on the Date of Commencement.

Payment & Refund clause

For any kind of services, which are availed, half of the order amount will be considered for the fee of activation or administration, and the remaining will be refunded back on the basis of pro-rate, depending on the usage of the services. The customer should agree with the fact that the refund process will take 21 days after the complete process of documentation, which is received by the team for processing the refund.

The subscription fees should be paid within the time, as it stated in the invoice(s), which is issued by the company to the user.

The fees for subscription should be paid by the user, when demanded. In case there are any disputes for it, or for some other reason, it will be the company, who will take the final decision. If the decision is taken on the favor of the user, the company will refund the same to the user, without any additional interests.

If there is any kind of delay done by the customer or the user, to make the payments, the company has the right to charge interests on the amount remaining, till the date, when the final payment is done by the user to the company.

Charge Back Policy

Payment for any service that will be offered, should be on 100% advance basis.

Payment once made for any kind of service, which is subscribed by the subscriber, will not be refundable, and any amount given back should be considered appropriate.

The decisions for the purpose of refunds, will be taken solely by Sindhu Real Estate only.

Sindhu Real Estate do not guarantee whatsoever for the accuracy or the deadline for refunds, who subscribed for the services, with the bank accounts or other payment methods. It is solely dependent on the organizations, who handle the payments and the online transactions, and is also subject to Internet infrastructure, and the work timings of financial institutions.

Obligations of User/Subscriber

The accuracy of the registration data given by the user to company will be used for service, and any mistakes made, will solely be the responsibility of the user.

The user should also agree with the fact that the data provided by the user to the company will be subject to mandatory verification by the team of Sindhu Real Estate.

Refund, if made, will be done, and the final decision about it will be taken by Sindhu Real Estate only.

Any kind of license permit, consent, any intellectual property and other rights required by the user, must be collected by the user, at his own cost.

For any service by Sindhu Real Estate, the user will have to comply with all the notices and instructions, which are given by the company from time to time, in order to keep the service active.

The user will be responsible for all kind of information, which is stored, transmitted through any kind of service.

The user should keep the personal information private, and the user’s password, and activities done by the user on the website, should also be kept confidential.

The user should immediately intimate the company about any unauthorized use of the user’s account, or any other breech in security, which is made.

The user should make the subscription fees to the company, at the time, when it is meant to be payable.

The user of Sindhu Real Estate should be responsible for the setup and configuration of the equipment, which is kept in order to provide service.