Presented modern facilities at elevator

These modernly designed elevators are made by best way to get sufficient air, which feels warm inside the warm to the human body.

If any power failure happens at any type then you don’t have to do any force with it. The emergency power system is available which take the elevator to the next floor when you experienced a slow movement.

Never attempt to open the cabin door which will be dangerous for you by deactivating the automatic rescue device and you will get stuck in the lift.

All the above automatic system will happen in 30 seconds, if it gets late you have to press the “ALARM BUTTON” and the “INTERCOM BUTTON” which connect you with the emergency team.

Know all the details instruction about this then contact with rescue personnel.

Never panic at this situation just think about the brain you will get way to recover the situation at this time.

Know about the Do’s and Don’ts

If any emergency happens at the lift like fire or power failure, then you can try stairs instead of elevators.
Never smoking at the time of lift riding.
Always maintain the indicated capacity of the lift and never exceeded it.
Try to leave a stalled lift.
Try to avoid standing between the automatic doors.
Don’t attempt to stop the lift forcefully.
Always keep away from the elevators doors at the time of lift riding.
You have to go in or out when doors are only open fully.
You have to press the “ALARM BUTTON” or “INTERCOM BUTTON” for immediate assistance when you get trap into the lift for sufficient oxygen and ventilation purpose.

At the time of riding lift if you notice anything unusual in the elevator like smells, sound, function and lighting system then you can call on the 9830 128830 / 9831 058830 / 033-4000 1033 / 8100002332 or visit our website. Our email address is also active for the time so you can mail us on for any enquiry or help.